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hi Tweeple!

Jeff Davis here!

It’s Monday, and I have a brand new,
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Jeff Davis

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    Affiliate Marketing Tips For 2011

    Affiliate Marketing Tips

    No matter what you may have heard about affiliate
    marketing, it’s impossible for everyone to make
    5,000 – 10,000 dollars a month, as there is simply
    too much competition.  There is also no money that
    will fall into your hands without you doing anything
    for it.

    With that in mind, you’ll find some high level tips
    below that will help you make money with affiliate
    marketing programs on the internet.

    1.  Google and Yahoo and Bing
    Even though the days of free traffic aren’t completely
    over, they are surely fading away quickly.  You can
    choose to work hard creating web pages that score
    well in the search engines, although it’s very hard
    to do.

    By paying for clicks with Google and Yahoo and Bing, you’ll
    have the top three positions on the search engines
    that matter the most.  If you hope to generate web
    traffic from Yahoo, all you need to do is be at the
    top of Google.

    2.  Your own email list
    Sending offers to your very own email list is the
    ideal way to build freedom and residual income.
    Instead of sending traffic away then hoping for
    the best, you should instead have your own email
    list to which you are able to send multiple offers.

    3.  Your own affiliate program
    If you knew that each filled out form on your site
    generated .50 cent in revenue, would you still be
    willing to pay someone else .25 cents to generate
    that same traffic?

    The most overlooked ways of generating traffic is
    having others generate it for you.  There are many
    advantages to this method, including the fact that
    others will be getting your traffic for you.

    When it all comes down to it, everything involves
    paying for traffic in one way or another.  To
    make more income, you’ll need to invest very
    wisely in advertising.

    More tips and trix here:

    Talk soon,
    Jeff Davis

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    The Curse Is Back!

    Hi Tweeple,

    Jeff Davis here, and everything went sideways…

    So, I had to change up…

    The Curse Of The Internet Gods, was my very first product…

    and my oldest domain…

    The problem was, that it was on a cheap server, with bad support.

    And I need to cut some costs…

    So, I moved the domain over to my Hostgator account…

    And here we are!

    I’m going to update the product and re launch it, soon…

    How do you feel about power point videos?

    I’m going to convert the book into video modules…

    And update some of the outdated material…

    Talk soon,

    Jeff Davis

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