Nifty tricks and techniques for making PowerPoint videos

Nifty tricks and techniques for making PowerPoint videos

There are a lot of people who are confused about the
easiest ways to make videos for driving traffic, list
building, sales pages or creating products. It doesn’t
have to be complicated… you can just use PowerPoint!

But don’t make the mistake of thinking screens full of
boring bullet points will make a good video. The key
word there is “BORING”.

It’s not hard to make a great video using PowerPoint
instead of a lousy one!

In fact, here’s an example of a video you can put
together in just a few hours.

If you would like to learn how to create a video like
this for yourself, I’d like to invite you to a free training
class put on by my friends Michelle Schoen and
Lon Naylor of

You’ll learn some nifty tricks and techniques using
PowerPoint that I’m certain you haven’t explored.

Go now to register for our webinar on Wednesday,
April 19th at 8 pm EDT:

Quick and Easy Killer Videos Using PowerPoint

I’ll see you there!

Jeff Davis

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Your Domain Flips Made Easy

Domain Flips Made Easy

Hi Friend,

Ever heard about Domain Flipping?

Well theres a program that came out today by a guy who’s been around in the marketing game for 14 years.

It’s a software based system, where you can find AMAZING domains and flip them fast right then and there through their own marketplace.

You should check it out HERE.

The system includes the Software, instruction, training and resources to buy and sell them without much need for external devices.

I really do believe that if you are looking for an ingenious way to “how to sell domain names,” it solves one of the hardest problems..

A problem that had previously made domaining undesirable.

It actually FINDS good Domains that you have a better chance of SELLING.

Buying a domain for $9 and selling it for 20 times more than you bought it for at a high frequency again & again is very desirable, and therefore this is why this program is such a big hit.

* 3 new criteria to the search capability: Instead of just using keywords, trends, starting and ending words.

* Expired Domains: We now will have an automatically updated, heavily filtered and sorted expired domain name database.

*An actual Marketplace where members can buy and sell.

So basically, you can find domains using our newly updated complex functionality, purchase them for $9 and sell them directly within DomainerElite, utilizing the DomainerElite marketplace.

Awesome right?

Ok well definitely check it out today. >> Click here <<

Best Regards,
Jeff Davis


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$756K from ONE website (Start copying NOW!)

Hi Friend,

100K Factory Revolution has just gone LIVE and you now
have the chance to replicate a business model that these
guys and their students are using to make up to $1000
per day (sometimes MUCH more) with REALLY simple sites
that take as little as 60 minutes to set up.
The best news is that they have a series of ‘Secret Weapons’
that will do most of the work without you having to lift
a finger. Plus…
– You don’t need to spend money on inventory
– You don’t need to create content.
– You don’t need any experience at all.
…but you DO get:
– An off-the charts Success Rate
– Fantastic Margins
– Immediate Cash Revenue
– Fast Development Time

Only a limited number of memberships are available because
they will be working with you personally.

I don’t know how fast they will go…. but I am told over
25,000 people are signed up to the early bird list so the
doors could close at any time.

Watch the video that will give you ALL the details:


Jeff Davis





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Want more qualified traffic and higher conversions?

The Social Sales System

– which makes it possible for you to
take advantage of Lead Ads that integrate
with your Autoresponder.

These then create custom audiences so you
can send targeted ads to the same list to
upsell them to your offer…

…making your offers impossible to ignore.

I also told you about the first beta
testers (a company selling exam tests for a
drone pilot school) generated a huge
$71,038.88… in pure profit in Just 6 weeks
using this system.

If you’re feeling the pain of seeing your
email responses dropping and the
disappointment of your sales or promos
decreasing – results like this would make a
refreshing boost to your confidence.

You may also be interested in the speed
ease and low cost that you can build quality
email lists (and matching custom audiences)
using The Social Sales System.

To demonstrate this…

There were also a second set of beta
testers – a site called laundry Moms – who
used a free recipe book to generate a huge
list of 8329 qualified leads at only $0.34
each in just 4 weeks…

Ready for the next stage of the software to
start selling for them.

These are not just any leads – they are pre-
qualified and hungry to buy.

Can you imagine what you could do with a
list as powerful as this and a tool to make
it impossible for them to ignore your sales

Can you imagine replacing that sinking
feeling of using “Old Style” marketing
methods with the bright new fresh feeling of

This is easily achievable with The Social
Sales System.

Because it’s an application that can:

Create “On The Fly” email AND custom
audience lists that work together with your
FaceBook Lead ads to create seamless
automated income machines that work
tirelessly for you 24/7 on autopilot…

…as you MAXIMISE income, AND free up
your time to work on the important stuff
that matters.
WITHOUT the hefty monthly fees…

AND with the training and support to
guide you step-by-step through the whole

It’s cloud based and works completely
in the background. You just log­in, flip a
couple of switches and you’re done.

It’ll collect your subscribers for you…
add them to your autoresponder lists – then
create a custom audience that exposes them
to your targeted ads – automatically. 24/7.

You can set it to “drip feed” your
emails AND ads so they are totally exposed
to your highly focussed messages. Couldn’t
be easier.

After they buy – they are automatically
sent to a new buyer’s email campaign and and
new custom audience for a fresh set of ads
to upsell them to your OTO.

All this works for you — Making FB Lead
ads, email marketing and Custom audiences —
laser targeted advertising and totally

Making YOUR Targeted Marketing Messages
Almost Impossible To Ignore So Your Profits
Generate On Autopilot.

I also told you that Craig is looking for
more case studies and testimonials to go
with his initial BETA tests which have
generated some pretty amazing results so far.

This will give you an extra 10% discount on
the already reduced price.

To get the full details (including ads)
that The Laundry Moms used to get their
leads at $0.34 and see how you can easily
and quickly build lists like this for
yourself with a tiny fraction of the work…

…and finally feel the joy of seeing real
results again – click here and go to the
presell page… and also lock yourself in at
92% (+10%) discount now – before it’s too

Jeff Davis

P.S. You’ll be the first to get access to
the additional 10% early bird additional
discount if you opt in today to receive
first notice emails before the software goes
live – so click the link above now and don’t
miss out.

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