Want more qualified traffic and higher conversions?

The Social Sales System

– which makes it possible for you to
take advantage of Lead Ads that integrate
with your Autoresponder.

These then create custom audiences so you
can send targeted ads to the same list to
upsell them to your offer…

…making your offers impossible to ignore.

I also told you about the first beta
testers (a company selling exam tests for a
drone pilot school) generated a huge
$71,038.88… in pure profit in Just 6 weeks
using this system.

If you’re feeling the pain of seeing your
email responses dropping and the
disappointment of your sales or promos
decreasing – results like this would make a
refreshing boost to your confidence.

You may also be interested in the speed
ease and low cost that you can build quality
email lists (and matching custom audiences)
using The Social Sales System.

To demonstrate this…

There were also a second set of beta
testers – a site called laundry Moms – who
used a free recipe book to generate a huge
list of 8329 qualified leads at only $0.34
each in just 4 weeks…

Ready for the next stage of the software to
start selling for them.

These are not just any leads – they are pre-
qualified and hungry to buy.

Can you imagine what you could do with a
list as powerful as this and a tool to make
it impossible for them to ignore your sales

Can you imagine replacing that sinking
feeling of using “Old Style” marketing
methods with the bright new fresh feeling of

This is easily achievable with The Social
Sales System.

Because it’s an application that can:

Create “On The Fly” email AND custom
audience lists that work together with your
FaceBook Lead ads to create seamless
automated income machines that work
tirelessly for you 24/7 on autopilot…

…as you MAXIMISE income, AND free up
your time to work on the important stuff
that matters.
WITHOUT the hefty monthly fees…

AND with the training and support to
guide you step-by-step through the whole

It’s cloud based and works completely
in the background. You just log­in, flip a
couple of switches and you’re done.

It’ll collect your subscribers for you…
add them to your autoresponder lists – then
create a custom audience that exposes them
to your targeted ads – automatically. 24/7.

You can set it to “drip feed” your
emails AND ads so they are totally exposed
to your highly focussed messages. Couldn’t
be easier.

After they buy – they are automatically
sent to a new buyer’s email campaign and and
new custom audience for a fresh set of ads
to upsell them to your OTO.

All this works for you — Making FB Lead
ads, email marketing and Custom audiences —
laser targeted advertising and totally

Making YOUR Targeted Marketing Messages
Almost Impossible To Ignore So Your Profits
Generate On Autopilot.

I also told you that Craig is looking for
more case studies and testimonials to go
with his initial BETA tests which have
generated some pretty amazing results so far.

This will give you an extra 10% discount on
the already reduced price.

To get the full details (including ads)
that The Laundry Moms used to get their
leads at $0.34 and see how you can easily
and quickly build lists like this for
yourself with a tiny fraction of the work…

…and finally feel the joy of seeing real
results again – click here and go to the
presell page… and also lock yourself in at
92% (+10%) discount now – before it’s too


Jeff Davis

P.S. You’ll be the first to get access to
the additional 10% early bird additional
discount if you opt in today to receive
first notice emails before the software goes
live – so click the link above now and don’t
miss out.


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How to actually build a successful Amazon business

Amasuite 5 - Ultimate Research Software for Amazon Sellers and Amazon Affiliates

If your anything like me, you typically end up kicking yourself often for some stupid mistake you do in your business.

There’s one in particular I’m sure we can relate on.

It’s when you put a ton of time and effort into a great plan, only to find out there’s a tool that could have done it in effortlessly in a fraction of the time.

Well, if you’ve done anything with selling on Amazon or being an Amazon affiliate, then your about to find out about a toolkit that could have saved you hours of hard work.

If you don’t already have an Amazon business, but want to, then you are one of the lucky ones who can use this tool from day 1 for a guaranteed competitive advantage.

This toolkit is called AmaSuite and today is the version 5 launch day (with an awesome launch day discount):


Created by two successful entrepreneurs who are experts with software and making money on Amazon, AmaSuite is the tool we all wish we had when starting out.

Not only does it make market research on Amazon surprisingly simple, version 5 has been create to bring success to both sellers and affiliates in a bunch of different ways.

There’s so much to this toolkit, you’ll be just as surprised about the price as I was.

You’ll have to act quickly though. Not only do you want to grab this at it’s launch discount, you won’t want to take one more step forward until you have these tool in your hands:


Also, don’t miss the FREE bonuses at the bottom of the page. They really are the icing on the cake.

Best Wishes,
Jeff Davis

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Act Now (price sensitive) Private Label Right Course Deal…

Social Media Marketing Course with PLR

Dear Friend,

If you’re looking for a high quality
product to call your own look no further…

The guys over at PromoteLabs have just
HALVED the private label rights license
cost of their flagship Social Media Marketing course!

Just take a look at this:

You’ll get the book, the course videos,
the course extras (really cool bonus add-ons),
the sales copy swipes, plus a professional sales video.

The course itself is AWESOME and your
customers will love it whatever kind
of business they’re in (you could sell
this training into 101 different marketplaces)

But you’ve got to act now – As a special
just for Black Friday the normal license
price has been slashed by 50% making this INCREDIBLE value.

Don’t miss out get your license here

To Your Success,
Jeff Davis

P.S.  Remember this crazy, half price deal
expires on Nov 29th and the price is set to
DOUBLE – I think it’d still be a bargain,
but why pay more, grab your licence now:

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