$400/day selling your Ecom products with viral video

I was just reading this…

“I went from $200 to $400/day with my Ecom Store
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That’s the feedback that just came in about a new
software that can literally increase your FB Video
Views by 30X – 40X

It’s an incredible new software that is ‘plug and play’.


You can upload ANY type of pre recorded video and
simulate the live viewer count and amount of likes

..which leads to massive engagement
….tons of shares and likes
……. and more visitors, leads and sales.

Ecom is huge right now and when you combine
FB Video + Auto Simulation = A Viral Firestorm!

It’s been proven to work in multiple niches as well as
Ecom, Fitness , Video Marketing, Business Opportunity,
Lawn Care And Many More.

So if your in the local marketing business ranking for
local clients videos this is PERFECT

As part of the special launch week you can get the
enterprise edition for 75% Off!

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Kind regards
Jeff Davis

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You just sold a domain?

Because if you get access to this HERE you can MINE and SELL domain names in addition to your marketing business. Check it out, it’s fun & easy to do and REAL.

Everyone has heard of Godaddy, which you probably see every year as a superbowl commercial, and you can start selling hundreds of them for $100, $200, even $500 quickly and easily using the software to mine, and the marketplace to sell.

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Thanks in advance,

Jeff Davis

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Nifty tricks and techniques for making PowerPoint videos

Nifty tricks and techniques for making PowerPoint videos

There are a lot of people who are confused about the
easiest ways to make videos for driving traffic, list
building, sales pages or creating products. It doesn’t
have to be complicated… you can just use PowerPoint!

But don’t make the mistake of thinking screens full of
boring bullet points will make a good video. The key
word there is “BORING”.

It’s not hard to make a great video using PowerPoint
instead of a lousy one!

In fact, here’s an example of a video you can put
together in just a few hours.

If you would like to learn how to create a video like
this for yourself, I’d like to invite you to a free training
class put on by my friends Michelle Schoen and
Lon Naylor of LearnCamtasia.com.

You’ll learn some nifty tricks and techniques using
PowerPoint that I’m certain you haven’t explored.

Go now to register for our webinar on Wednesday,
April 19th at 8 pm EDT:

Quick and Easy Killer Videos Using PowerPoint

I’ll see you there!

Jeff Davis

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